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Here at Kynoch Lewis we offer a wide range of services from the beginning of a project to the very end.


Cost Planning & Budget Appraisals

Cost planning determines the financial feasibility of a construction project.

We work with you as the client, to set or work to a maximum cost, then by cost planning and value engineering determine whether that cost cap can be met.

We will advise if the project is not feasible in its current state and work with you and he design team to reduce costs.

Cost planning is also used to structure financing for your project using cashflow forecasts. Cost planning and cashflow forecasting informs you exactly when finance instalments will be needed.

Development & Procurement Advice

We have a wealth of experience across the spectrum of varying contractual arrangements and project frameworks.

The Development and associated procurement approach selected takes account of market conditions prevailing at the time, and how the approach delivers best value for money to you as the client, given any timescale restraints and existing relationships or agreements, be that negotiation, two stage tender or a single stage competitive tender.

Risk Analysis

Risk analysis is an evaluation of the likelihood and possible impacts of any factors that may affect the programme, cost or quality of a project.

In the early stages of a project we evaluate, in conjunction with the design team, allowances for possible risks where no information is available, such as ground conditions, and agree allowances for the current level of design, with a less developed design having inherently more risk than a fully developed design.

As a project progresses from the early design stage, the risk will decrease as the unknown factors are removed through further investigation and design and cost reporting to the client is updated for these risk factors. Risk is particular to each project and a thorough risk analysis at an early stage is an important tool in cost planning your project.

Life Cycle Costing

Life cycle costing provides a methodology for the systematic economic evaluation of combined capital, operating and end of life costs of construction project alternatives, to ensure long-term value of projects over merely the lowest construction cost.

This means evaluating a variety of possible solutions for a construction requirement to compare the relative life cycle costs of equally performing solutions.

Costs are expressed as net present values, which are the equivalent present value of the future costs and benefits of an activity, this allows for a subjective comparison of the long-term costs and leads to a less expensive total cost over the life cycle of a building. We use NRM3 as a basis for the maintenance and renewal components of life cycle costing your project.

Bills of Quantities & Tender Support Services

Quantities prepared in accordance with SMM7 and NRM2 using measurement software systems, for contractors on Design and build contracts. We also evaluate and extract quantities from BIM models.

Bills of quantities are produced in formats that compliment most estimating software packages

Full Contract Cost Monitoring

We evaluate, monitor and report on the costs of your project from inception to final completion

Contract Administration & Employers Agent

We will act where required as the lead consultant, in addition to a role as contract administrator, as the employer's agent we will also on the client's behalf, prior to the award of a contract, act to coordinate the tender process, coordinate the novation of consultants, collate tender contract documents including warranties and novation’s for execution by the relevant parties and implement change control procedures.

Post contract, we would be responsible for issuing instructions, preparing valuations, financial reporting.

Condonation of change procedure controls, assessing and reporting on claims, monitor and report on progress in line with cashflows, issuing of all necessary contract certification, managing snagging and defects and agreement of the final account.